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My Standard Cleaning & Lubrication Service extends the usable life of your brass instrument and helps ensure the highest level of performance. I recommend having this professional cleaning procedure performed on an annual basis. Bring in your instrument for free inspection and ask me if you have any questions.
Once cleaned, the instrument is reassembled with attention paid to proper alignment of any moving parts, like slides, valves and keys. Appropriate oils and greases are used at each point, including threads, lever pivots, slides, pistons, and rotor bearings. Parts that wear out over time – such as felts, corks & springs – are replaced as necessary. Silver-plated instruments are hand-polished to restore the visual appeal of the finish. For raw brass and nickel-plated instruments, I also offer a hand polishing service.

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I polish each individual tuning slide to a “like new” shine. In addition, we take the valve alignment of your instrument to the next level with our Individual Valve Alignment service. I will employ a variety of proprietary methods to ensure each individual valve is precisely aligned using synthetic pads and shims as necessary.
If you feel that modifying your instrument can help its performance, I am happy to discuss the possibilities. Replacing leadpipes, adding valve slide triggers, and upgrading rotor linkages are some of the most common customizations we perform. I am able to acquire many popular aftermarket parts, and I am ready to help you with the selection and installation process.

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